What Is a WhatsApp Business Partner and How to Select the Best One for Your Organization?

You’ve chosen to engage in WhatsApp marketing. A wise choice However, the process looks to be more involved than it initially appeared. Why do you currently require a WhatsApp partner?

Can’t you simply start sending your subscribers WhatsApp messages? Not exactly.

You cannot create promotional campaigns directly from the WhatsApp Platform; you must utilize the WhatsApp BSP interface. Determine the function of a partner in your relationship with WhatsApp Business.

What Is an API Partner for WhatsApp Business?

Before a recent change, WhatsApp did not permit marketers to send broadcast or mass advertising messages to WhatsApp users. The channel could only be used for customer support chats.

It did not prevent certain apps from providing WhatsApp marketing services without Meta’s approval or cooperation, though. Then, earlier this year, WhatsApp announced the formal debut of WhatsApp Campaigns and increased its corporate marketing capabilities. Currently, the messaging app is one of the most effective avenues of communication for businesses of all kinds.

Marketing capabilities are now accessible via the WhatsApp Business app interface and the official WhatsApp Business API. If you choose to run campaigns using the UI, you will encounter several restrictions. One of them is a limit of 256 contacts per broadcast list, which poses a significant challenge for a business with a mailing list including 10,000 contacts.

Furthermore, WhatsApp Business only allows you to contact people who have added you to their phone contacts, which makes little sense for marketing campaigns. In contrast, the Official API enables you to reach opt-in contacts similarly to email marketing.

Unless you own a micro business, WhatsApp API is the most likely option for company communications.

The Official WhatsApp API offers a bridge between your WhatsApp Business profile and a third-party application, such as CRM or marketing automation software.

With it, you can send marketing messages to an unlimited number of recipients, establish multi-channel automation workflows, send transactional messages, and more.

However, the API is not immediately available via WhatsApp. Herein lies the role of WhatsApp Business API Partners.

A WhatsApp Business API partner is a third-party, generally, marketing platform or CRM solution, that has been approved as an official WhatsApp business solution provider. It grants you access to the complete suite of WhatsApp marketing features.

Why do you require a WhatsApp provider

WhatsApp Business Solution Providers offer a variety of advantages to marketing and customer care teams:

  • The exclusive method of accessing the WhatsApp API. Users will not obtain the API token directly from WhatsApp. The Official WhatsApp Business API can only be accessed through partnerships with third-party firms, referred to as WhatsApp Business Solution Providers.
  • Interface. With a few rare exceptions (see below), WhatsApp API partners provide user-friendly interfaces for non-tech aware marketers to experience all of WhatsApp Campaigns’ benefits. There is no need to consult the API documentation; simply utilize WhatsApp’s marketing tools via the partner app’s interface.
  • Accepting submissions is a breeze. To send promotional messages using WhatsApp, you must have Meta-approved WhatsApp message templates. Within the campaign creation process, WhatsApp API providers make it simple to submit messages for approval without leaving a slick UI.
  • Convenient list management. Frequently, WhatsApp business solutions providers (BSPs) offer CRM functions. In addition to being able to send WhatsApp Campaigns, you can also store and manage your contacts within a single system.
  • Analytics in real-time Typically, Meta partners provide extensive analytics features, real-time performance monitoring, data visualization, and reporting.
  • Automatic user authentication. As a user of the WhatsApp Business API, you can easily apply for the verification green badge and go through the automatic user verification process.

How Do WhatsApp API Partners Function?

Two categories of WhatsApp API Partners exist:

  • Marketing services that enable businesses to utilize the WhatsApp API inside their UI;
  • Connectors, such as 360dialog, integrate the WhatsApp API with an additional marketing platform.

Connectors lack an interface and are ideal for businesses seeking to create a bespoke marketing infrastructure. A developer is required to set up the integration.

Typically, these apps charge a monthly subscription for utilizing the WhatsApp API in addition to message fees based on the WhatsApp price list for the user- and business-initiated chats. For example, 360dialog’s API Only plan begins with a monthly flat rate of €49 + campaign expenses.

A marketing platform that is recognized as a WhatsApp Business Partner, on the other hand, allows you to conduct WhatsApp marketing campaigns directly through its interface. Choose a platform without setup or monthly API fees, and pay only for discussions.

What does the term “conversations” mean?

The price mechanism for WhatsApp is now conversation-based, with businesses being charged per conversation, which includes all messages delivered within a 24-hour window. Conversations are paid differently based on who sends the initial message — a customer or a company — and the destination country.

Importantly, the first one thousand chats per month are free (so verify that the service you select genuinely provides the free minutes). Here are some details on how WhatsApp API pricing works.

Pricing models differ across WhatsApp API partners thereafter. Generally, quality messaging services follow the WhatsApp model and only charge for conversations. The overall price is comprised of the WhatsApp fee plus a little markup for the partner platform.

What to Search for in a WhatsApp API Associate

How can you choose a decent WhatsApp API partner given the multitude of options?

Checking the Meta Partner directory is one way to accomplish this. There you can discover a comprehensive list of all WhatsApp Business Partners.

The issue is that the majority of the listed companies do not offer WhatsApp Campaigns as part of their capabilities. Many of them are specifically designed for customer service talks. To assist you in identifying the best WhatsApp API provider, we have created a list of characteristics to consider.

  • Pricing model. Avoid platforms that require setup and licensing fees. Pay-as-you-go pricing is the most economical price structure.
  • Opt-in lists. A partner should allow you to send messages to all contacts, not only those who have added your phone number to their contacts. In addition, the option to expand your WhatsApp opt-in list with integrated signup forms is a significant benefit.
  • One-stop platform. The partner’s solution should facilitate the creation and submission of templates for approval, the import, and verification of contacts, the scheduling of campaigns, etc.
  • Embedded signup. If your Business Solution Provider supports embedded signup, you can connect to the WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) and access the WhatsApp messaging API straight from the BSP’s UI if the BSP supports embedded signup.
  • Countries and languages. The platform must support all languages and countries supported by WhatsApp.

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